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, but they are not paying for it. chris hayes is going to join the show and maybe he can explain why the rich is getting richer. ♪ working for a living >>> i'm sue herera with the cnbc market wrap and here is how the stocks are doing today. it is a tough day, but we are well off of the worst levels the dow is down 76, and it was down well over 100 earlier. the s&p is down 10.5 and the nasdaq down 15. internet providers are trying a new tactic to stop illegal downloading and they will issue warnings to users they suspect of stealing content ultimately slowing connections to a crawl. and then providers reserve the right to cut off anyone who violates the terms of service. >>> and the ntsb is working to turn up the volume on hybrid cars. they are pushing for the noise systems, because the nearly silent engines are a danger of anyone on the road who needs to hear the car coming. that is it from cnbc, and first in business worldwide. ezra, back to you and have a great weekend. >> thank you. >>> the financial crisis though it is useful and profitable and for those to pretend otherwise was not a act of god,
us tonight. i'm chris hayes in for lawrence o'donnell. i'll be one of bill maher's guests friday night.
they're playing a >>> i'm chris hayes in for lawrence o'donnell. in england, it's the end of the world as we know it. in washington, it's business as usual. >> the end of the news of the world. >> we're in the end game here. >> this is the start of the conversation rather than the end of it the conversation. >> the beginning of the end in washington. >> president obama met with congressional leadership. >> constructive and productive meeting. >> a consider constructive meeting. >> constructive -- >> meeting. >> there must be a real negotiation going on. >> the president goes big, surprising his base and republicans. >> the president is considering major changes in social security and medicare. >> he is willing to put sacred cows on the table. >> the american people didn't send us here to wage symbolic battles. >> the white house is winning the politics here. >> republicans and democrats are not sold yet. >> house democrats are not supporting any cuts in benefits for social security or medicare. >> tax hikes are off the table. >> the democrats in congress will not balance t
'donnell" starts right now. >>> i'm chris hayes in for lawrence. there's something rotten in the state of england where a piece of rupert murdoch is under investigation. here at home, the president bypasses the media and goes straight to the internets. the hash tag era has officially arrived. >> i apologize for interrupting the prime minister. >> when he talks about free market options. >> welcome to question time. >> i am going to make history here as the first president to live tweet. >> the president returns to social media to face the nation's questions. >> twitter town hall or tweet-up on the economy and jobs. >> 27% of our questions are on the jobs category. >> what costs would you cut, what are the programs that can help us grow? >> in a balanced way. >> our next question comes from someone you may know, this is speaker boehner. >> there you go. >> will you take job-destroying tax hikes off the table? >> this is a slightly skewed question. >> debate will be settled by speaker boehner and president obama. >> the british prime minister wishes he could be so lucky. international outrage again
it for this tuesday edition of the last word. i'm chris hayes in for lawrence o'donnell. you can read more of my work at thenation.com. you can follow me on twitter at @chrislhayes. the rachel m
. >>> "the last word with lawrence adonal" starts right now. >>> i'm chris hayes in for lawrence o'donnell. a time when pretending a tax cut obsession would help the middle class. now baldly defending the dignity of our long-sufferering private jet owning overlords. only losers fly commercial. >>> the state government is having a happy holiday in minnesota. >>> no matter where, no matter what. republicans refuse to raise revenue to pay the bill. >> the state's second shutdown in six years. >> democrats demanding that we raise taxes. >> some 20,000 state employee jobs are now in limbo. >> it's going to affect our bottom line. our campground is now closed. >> from minnesota to washington, republicans will do anything to protect the wealthy. corporate jets, aircraft industries, pushing back after harsh words from the president on wednesday. >> corporate jet owner that has done so well. >> you don't give us what we want, we won't raise the ceiling. >> nobody's bumping. >> private jets, that that somehow is going to make a difference, it's disappointing. class warfare. >> and congress 1
girl. chris hayes told another story of another guy put on trial who, you know -- it was amazing. so i feel like the stories of great trial redemptions don't get told, and the nature of the
>> the last word of the week, chris hayes in your lawrence o'donnell. you can follow me on twitter, chrislhayes. rachel maddow is up next. >> any big plans? >> may light off a firework fmplgts they're illegal where you live, i won't tell anyone. >> just between you and me. >> exactly right. >>> thanks for staying with us the next hour. it is the start of a long fourth of july weekend. one of those days where if you are not on vacation already, you sort of feel like a sucker, because it feels like everybody else is on vacation. but even on a sultry friday night in july, heading into a long holiday weekends, there are two outstanding things that happened in american politics today. there is no relationship to what another whatsoever. i won't stremp and try to make one. we're going to do one of these stories and then the other. the first one is this -- >> conservatism is an act of creation and love. a love for a cherished way of life we have inherited and will bequeath to our children. conservatism is the ligation of ideology. we sent our mind to the world. not of the world to our min
's a local news story they grab onto. it's sickening. it's a white girl. chris hayes told another story of another guy put on trial who, you know -- it was amazing. so i feel like the stories of great trial redemptions don't get told, and the nature of the hot woman with the photos every time will score. it's sickening. >> thanks for your time tonight. appreciate it.
Search Results 0 to 12 of about 13 (some duplicates have been removed)